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Well groomed, showy standard poodles are a sight to behold. We have been around some of the biggest winning standards in recent time. Pictured is the legendary Ch Topscore Contradiction, co-owned, handled and groomed by us. He is the first foreign dog to win BIS at Crufts and the only dog in history to win both Crufts and the World Show.Athough our biggest successes in the showring has been with standards we have only had one single litter. From this litter we have Multi All breed BIS-winner Ch Kudos All, Top winning standard poodle in Japan two years running. Further four brothers and sisters have won CAC's or major points towards championship.

Last update 2012-01-28


Standard poodles at Kudos

Multiple BOB winner. White standard

Abica's Mile Ahead

BOB winner and CAC winner in both Denmark and Sweden. Black standard dog

Such Dkuch               Kudos Ali             

White standard bitch

Swch Ruch  DKch
Kudos Ami

Top winning standard in Japan for two years running. Black standard bitch

Kudos All


Topscore Contradiction

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