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For many years I have had the dream about writing a book about poodles. When Ica förlaget contacted me with a suggestion and a good idea I was easily persuaded. Writing a book is hard but fun work. Without the help from my dear friend Lillan Holmberg the book would never have come to the book store shelves. This book is in swedish and it is mainly for the pet poodle owner. It consist advise on everything from how to buy a poodle to how to trim the toenails. A big part of the book is about grooming that is essential for the poodle owner. The famous poodle artist Maud Nilsson made many new drawings especially for the book. Pictures of legendary dogs like Ch Topscore Contradiction, Ch Avatar Concord, Ch Huffish On Every Street, Ch Racketeer's Exquisite Sinner, Ch Eaton Kingsdown and Ch Racketeer's Play it Again Sam has made the book very interesting also for the poodle breeder or exhibitor. The book "Pudlar" By Mikael Nilsson can be aquired from any swedish bookstore or on the Internet.
























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